brit goes jer-zee

This is the best I could manage on my iPhone at the Britney Spears concert on Friday night. I was afraid they would care if I brought my little Nikon Coolpix in (they wouldn’t have cared – argh) so this is the best I could do. Mind you, we were oh say four rows from the back of the Prudential Center. Karyn managed to grab this great shot though and put the two together and that gives you a pretty well-rounded view from aerial to micro.

The Pussycat Dolls were okay. Eh. No biggie. They really aren’t meant to be dwarfed on a stage in a big arena, nor do I really honestly care about them all that much period. Next…

I’d bought the tickets back around October… or November maybe? Anyhow, they were part of my sister’s Christmas and birthday presents. We’d intended on making shirts but I couldn’t find the letters on Friday night (argh) so had to scrap that.

I know some people think Brit’s a joke. And if that’s you, that’s your prerogative. However, I will own up to just liking some of her stuff. No, I’m not a pop diva necessarily but some of it’s just good so there. I was excited to see her do “Everytime”. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but I just love it. They did cheese it up even more with her floating around on a giant sequined umbrella, but I’ll let it slide. Good show though. Definitely worth the ticket price for the nosebleed seats and I guess even the majorly flawed trip on the lovely NJ mass transit system.


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