waddling down butter lane

Doodley doo… my phrase of the night. And meanwhile, it’s been a day allllll about food. Oh so much food. I’m sitting here typing away in a food coma, after just having watched bits and pieces of “American Idol”. It may never happen again (Paula, you are officially a nut job – not that there’s anyone out there claiming to be on the other side of that opinion fence). Anyhow, more later on my dining experience, but I’ll instead focus on the important thing: dessert (clearly).

Butter Lane, East Village

Isn’t this a lovely welcoming scene? And it’s definitely an equation I agree with. :nods:

Butter Lane, East Village

Why organic? Local products wherever possible? Yes please. Yes yes!

Cute sign, even with typo...

A cupcake-related Irish quotation. Ah. How cute. Oh… wait. Errrrr. Doth someone spot a typo? (Me! Me!)

Here's the corrected version. Phew. Better.

Here. Phew. Much better. Not noticeable, right?

Icing BUFFET, Butter Lane

So they have three base cake flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and banana. I’ve had the banana and I’ll say eh pass. Something quasi banana bread just doesn’t fly for me as a cupcake. Keep your banana bready goodness in those square/rectangular-ish pans, please.

Yeah, so pick vanilla or chocolate, as there’s really only two flavors to decide between, and then there’s a virtual BUFFET of icing. You can sample! Oh yes yes! Last time I was in here, I was there solo. I was shamed into feeling like a pig for dipping stick after stick into the small tubs. Oh, not tonight. I was ready to dive in… Key lime was decent. Peanut butter subtle but tasty. Expected favorite? Raspberry. Unexpected amazing tie for fave? Blueberry. Oh. My. Goodness. SOOOOOO good. If you go there, try try try!

Result? I think I've got a new cupcake-y FAVE.

So pick bottom, pick top, and look at the magic at the end.

It was a fun experience though. We met a couple of girls who lived in the neighborhood who came in with their cute dog. They were friendly, chatting with us about the neighborhood and where we were from. We learned that The Pieces, who’ve had songs on “Gossip Girl” live in the ‘hood too. Love moments where Manhattan doesn’t feel oh so big. Instead, just feels normal.

(Normal, but tasty!)


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