today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 10:04 Contemplating potential new karaoke tunes for rotation. It’s been way too long since I last went. Valentine’s Day, I think?!?
  • 11:48 Anyone have recs for good sites online to purchase stocks and avoid broker fees?
  • 13:04 Brunch reservations for Saturday and Sunday? Check, check!!
  • 13:50 Just spent lunch trying to redo my book’s intro. End result of an hour? Two paragraphs. This round of revisions promises to be hard.
  • 14:16 My mom being in town is great. She’s amusing Dixie and sending me cute photos, like this…
  • 15:23 Oopsie. Forgot I was at work momentarily. Hope no one caught on to my foot tapping and the occasional snap along with Kelly Clarkson…
  • 18:25 Waiting on delivery. Looks like I missed the rain since I was a hermit at work. Score!!!
  • 19:25 Lookie lookie it’s swaddling Dix!
  • 20:38 Me to mom: "Did she just jump on your edamame?". Dixie’s hopping around like a rabbit as my mom’s icing her knee with frozen veggies.
  • 20:42 RT @hereinmyhead New blog post: TOUR STARTS IN JULY, UNTIL CHRISTMAS YAY!! (Re: upcoming Tori Amos tour)
  • 21:51 I love Alex on Grey’s!!!! Awwwwww…
  • 22:12 Check out my 2008 restaurant reviews for @neighborbee in one nifty listing –
  • 22:18 Smiling as she falls asleep… #yorkie
  • 22:19 And now she’s my little cinna bun… #yorkie

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