Wow. I’ve decided people here must expect everyone to yell. Everything. Always. Regardless of whether or not you are in a place that necessitates the added volume.

I’ve already noted in my New Year’s resolutions that I’m going to yell my THANK YOUs to all people holding doors open, kindhearted bus drivers waiting on an out of breath yours truly, etc.

But this keeps happening!! On Valentine’s when I took a cab I got chewed out by the driver for not correcting him when I requested a street in the teens and he rattled back a number in the realm of the Upper East. I clearly stated my destination. Is it *my* fault that I couldn’t catch he said it wrong as he said it back to me in his thick accent which sounded like he was saying my correct request?!? I’ve now taken to spelling it out digit by digit. No I don’t think you’re slow cabbie. I’m just tired of being yelled out without cause.

And then today, it was my Dunkin’ Donuts. Really? No. You’re supposed to be my morning safe haven. I ordered my usual iced coffee with skim milk. No big deal. Except for the cashier apparently heard medium coffee light with milk. Now does iced with skim = light with skim? And I’ve never asked for my coffee “light” but doesn’t that mean with milk? Wouldn’t that then be redundant? So they proceeded to shame me because clearly it was my fault for not barking my order out to them clearly enough. If I had enough in me to be that forceful, would I even need your coffee? HENCEFORTH I SHALL YELL AT YOU TOO DUNKIN!!

Here ends my rant 🙂

Posted by ShoZu


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