today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 10:44 Realized might be smart to get sunscreen before my pasty white self goes to Aruba. Think my old bottles were sacrificed in the Hamptons.
  • 11:15 Current projected high in Oranjestad for Thursday? 86. 86!!!
  • 11:37 I never know how much to spend on wedding presents. Is there a rule of thumb for this??
  • 12:18 Just posted: "grits in the city: MUST I ALWAYS YELL?" (
  • 12:27 Love how often I have to google addresses to figure out random charges to checking account to be safe. This time Petco was the culprit.
  • 14:07 Just bought the world at Duane Reade. Have 2 types of sunscreen, travel-sized everything, and lots of gum. So ready!
  • 21:03 Ooooh it’s cab versus bus… We win! Go MTA bus. Way to stare ’em down there!
  • 22:42 66% packed. Dixie is confused by the suitcase and is using it as an excuse to run laps in my hallway. Sillyhead.

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