today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:31 Whoops! Almost forgot to pack my sunglasses and a cloth bag for the beach. That would have been a big sandy fail.
  • 09:48 Phrase of the day: "Tick tock, tick tock… Keep on counting down you little clock!". So ready…
  • 11:30 Already checking out dining options @ Newark. May be terminal hopping in pursuit of a Burger King biscuit. Far superior to McD’s attempt.
  • 14:02 Ever think after living in a big city that it’d be boring not to? Just saw man skipping down Wall St in costume w/ a sign for his cause.
  • 16:32 HH countdown is on! Into the minute realm versus hours. And then it’s officially vacation. Huzzah!
  • 16:42 Amused at Urban Daddy’s mailing on the "Bad Decision Blocker" email. Extra amused you can set the block to up to 1 week!
  • 20:50 Watching Letterman instead of finishing packing. Woohoo! He just referenced his wedding. Go Dave! Now if Hugh Laurie will just oh say talk?
  • 21:03 Oooooh. Friend had a D sighting. No S in sight. Apparently Lonely Boy needs the 10 pounds the camera adds. But in the meantime, NBD, xoxo.
  • 23:52 Why am I awake when I’m getting up in a few hours? Gooooood question! Time for bed. All packed. Phew.
  • 23:54 3:55am?!? My fingers even hurt typing that. Ughhhhh. Yawn.

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