parasailing aruba

I’ve never parasailed, but after WT mentioned it on our trip to Aruba, I was stuck on the idea. And I’m glad that ended up being the case, cause oh my, what a fun way to see the island. You could literally see everything. Amazing!

We went up with this guy Frank’s company. Here we are with Frank. Frank was funny. He took a look at our burns and said it was a good thing we weren’t there on our honeymoon or our new husbands would not be pleased with us. Hah. He was a trip.

Posing with Frank, who owns the company, before we go parasailing!
If you want to do some watersports, visit our friend Frank. He’s along the water between the different Marriott resorts.

All parasail diapered up. Attractive outfit, right?

Here I am getting all parasail-diapered up for the big take-off.

This funky little harness thing functions like your swing of sorts while you’re up in the air.

Thankfully the Fashionista came along to photo and video the event. Here’s a quick video. They caught me off guard – I didn’t realize I was going quite yet. Oh well – no turning back now!

That's seriously up there!

It didn’t seem that high up… but looking at this picture, yep, guess so haha. Amazing view.

Oh man, is it almost over? Boo...

But my 10 minutes were over before I knew it.

Coming back down on the boat

Coming in for the final landing…

Little go-me dance as I landed

And a post-parasailing go-me dance. Woohoo!!

So worth it. Best $55 I’ve spent in a long time!


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