today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:34 Ack. Still wading through 120+ post-vacation emails. Each one I reply to seems to generate 2 in return. Ahhhh!!!
  • 15:32 Just posted: "grits in the city: parasailing aruba" (
  • 15:32 Laughing at: "grits in the city: wild arubian roosters" (
  • 15:56 Dix’s been curled up sleeping next to me most of the day. I’ve been told not to be fooled though b/c she was pain for @fietsdief this wkend!
  • 16:25 Watching JT on Oprah from Fri. Hilarious. And yes yes working too. Reminds me I’m behind on learning "Single Ladies". It’s a resolution…
  • 16:26 We’re warmed up… like DANCE BISCUITS!
  • 16:26 This does NOT make Andy Samburg look more attractive. And JT’s legs look better than Beyonce’s… I’m just sayin…
  • 16:45 Haven’t been outside since dropped laundry off. Going out in a bit since have to run errands. Almost prefer pretending it’s 70/80 outside.
  • 19:12 LOL. Watching Real Housewives of NYC. I’ve managed to never watch this before. Admit it’s pretty funny…
  • 19:20 Love this gem from this episode: "Marrying someone with a title doesn’t give you class…"

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