today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:23 Hate it when your scalp peels post-vacation. Looks like dandruff but it’s not. Annoying.
  • 14:06 Mom mailed me my extra keys she accidentally took back AND gossip mags. @SamLuterman too bad didn’t have for Aruba. Still more JAnniston!
  • 14:44 Burn keeps making me cold and then hot. Am guessing it’s not connected to me being hungry though (rumble rumble).
  • 15:37 Proof sunscreen in ones part would have been a bright idea. Fail that… Crispy crispy!
  • 18:45 "Miami – vacation paradise? Or candy-colored nightmare?" @NoReservations has it right. And the answer? The latter.
  • 18:54 Bourdain’s show’s making me wish I’d been a foodie when I lived in South FL. ♫
  • 19:22 Back on the brain as I upload my Aruba pix to Flickr (link to follow). ♫
  • 20:32 Seriously, colored powders?!? "Emote" them, apparently. That’s what Mr. Jay says. Random. #ANTM
  • 20:44 Aruba pix are up up!
  • 21:01 Been told this pic,, is the highlight of the Aruba collection. You’ll never see me this filthy again.
  • 21:09 Have to let my boyfriend, Duane Reade, know his selection of aloe products le sucks. I need some of that blue stuff with the pain relief.
  • 22:01 Dix is sooooo excited I found her soccer ball. Thinks she’s Dana Beckham. Or at least Posh Pup.

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