today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:17 Dog just stole half of my muffin top. Retrieved it since she so doesn’t need it, but I’m reduced to Cheerios to round out breakfast. Thief.
  • 10:11 Talk Soup cracking me up. Woman on Maury alleging that her man is cheating on her for other woman’s chicken tetrazzini. Seriously? Classy.
  • 14:08 Love my hippy trippy Aruba souvenir!
  • 14:41 Got run over by grandma in aisle 2. Thought I was just gonna take it cause she’s old. She thought wrong. Seriously, no free pass to bark.
  • 15:33 Made turkey chili dog. Gave Dixie a little bit of hot dog. She’s in love. #mylittlebutterball
  • 15:47 Start Over feature on Comcast DVR? Brilliant! Skank of, er I mean Rock of Love restarting… POOF!
  • 16:59 Just got my heel stuck in cuff of my jeans & propelled forward skipping few steps. Proud of my fab save. Someone even stopped to compliment!
  • 17:48 Hobo-ing again (briefly). Cold & breezy along the Hudson.

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