today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 00:22 Ughhhh where’s my crosstown bus at? Could walk this faster. #lazyinheels
  • 00:31 Yeah that bus doesn’t run anymore rest of night. Nice! Hoofing instead. Lurvely.
  • 11:05 So wish the dog wouldn’t eat my hair. At least today it’s not my breakfast…
  • 13:37 Bee-you-tee-full day!! Loving being outside.
  • 15:27 Warm(ish) weather by the water. Ahhhh. Agree with Sir Elton. Don’t let the sun go down on me!
  • 18:52 Wow. Seriously over horrific NYC commuters. Your life can’t suck that badly. And if it does? Please stay home. #kthanxbai
  • 20:09 Ok I am now re-watching the Rock of Love episode from last week. Again. Time to change the channel…
  • 20:18 Ugh. Reallllly Monday tomorrow?!? Watching 2nd half of SNL as Dixie the licking fiend goes nuts-o. Hah. Missed me while I was @ Boat Basin.

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