dish buzz: brunch at stanton social

Stanton Social, Lower East Side

Stanton Social, Lower East Side

I have only been to Stanton Social for dinner, but was curious to try their brunch. I wanted to do something I don’t usually do and come back to a restaurant I have already reviewed to give insight into some of their other offerings. My mom and I went to check it out a couple of Saturdays ago. We arrived in to a very calm restaurant around noon and watched it come alive, completely filled with patrons by 1pm.

Their approach to brunch is very similar to their take on dinner. Most plates are prepared tapas style, intended to be shared. We chose to order four dishes – two being sweet and two being savory. I was curious to see what order they would bring them to our table.
Warm Donuts, Stanton Social

Warm Donuts, Stanton Social

They first brought us our sweet dishes. We started with fresh warm donuts and an order of their ricotta fritters. The donuts are probably the best I’ve ever had. They were lightly dusted with sugar and served with a caramel dipping sauce, rounding out the subtly sweet donuts. They lived up to their name, arriving with just a faint trail of smoke.

I was intrigued by the idea of ricotta fritters as I recently decided that ricotta could succeed in sweeter dishes. The ricotta was subtle, leaving the fritters to taste similar to a beignet with a slight hint of the creamy cheese. The raspberry jam was a nice contrast to the fried fritters, providing a little bit of a sweet kick to the dish.

Apple & Brie Quesadillas, Stanton Social

Apple & Brie Quesadillas, Stanton Social

Then came our savory options. I was on the fence about ordering the grilled apple and brie quesadilla but decided to give it a try. It came with mustard maple syrup and bacon bits. I was leery of the mustard maple syrup as it sounded like an odd flavor combination. It ended up not being as sweet as I imagined and was like a honey mustard. This dish definitely won for presentation. And in taste? It was a nice brunch option for me as I like my brunch foods on the sweet side and I’d place this on the sweeter side of savory.

And last but not least, we had their mac ‘n cheese. It came served in a cast-iron skillet and was a good portion for sharing. While I do love cheese, I find that this dish is often prepared with just plain pasta and cheese which can fall flat. Here, it comes with little bits of chorizo for some added flavor with a nice layer of breadcrumbs on top – always a plus in my book.

Service was very good. My only complaint is the soft drinks. We went all out and elected to get refills (their diet Coke was that good). They were very small glasses. The bill came and it was a total of $14 for the four drinks. A little excessive, Stanton, especially if you’re downsizing your glasses.

It is a little pricier than a standard brunch selection, but a nice way to try a variety of what they had to offer. I’d recommend it as a fun spot to mix it up your brunch with your friends.

Stanton Social – 99 Stanton Street, between Ludlow and Orchard Street – 212.995.0099


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