today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:06 Bus dependability goes out the window in the rain. Hate you bus as I got soaked in rain and had to take cab anyhow. #masstransitfail
  • 18:54 Ice bucket and garlic press?!? So fancy. I’m convinced married people have fancier kitchens tho know may be a myth.
  • 19:40 Oh my. The Countess on RHONY is too much. She doesn’t understand community service now, does she? No…. FAIL.
  • 19:41 Did she just say that? Girl said wanted to be a model. Countess said "You have time to grow" and "You can always lose weight". Seriously?
  • 20:33 Oh my. Real Housewives of NJ is craaaacking me up. This is trash-tastic.
  • 20:48 "Jacqueline’s heart is as big as her boobies" – #gemscourtestyofrealhousewivesofnewjerz-ee
  • 20:51 This next NJ gem was engaged 19x. 19x?!?!? Is that something for the Guiness Book of World Records?!?
  • 21:20 Eddie Murphy’s prospective wife in "Coming to America" is barking like a dog. It’s kinda freaking me, Dixie, and Eddie out…

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