today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:39 So proud I was able to manage to grab coffee before hopping on my conference call. (Pats self on back)
  • 19:45 Awwww the Hills just went there. Why you put my Kelly Clarkson song with Spencer? Ewwwww. "Already Gone" ♫
  • 19:50 Fantabulous sushi at Blue Water Grill. Figured was a nice lead-in to my call tonight with Japan at oh 9pm on Japanese employment law…
  • 20:11 Heidi girl, shouldn’t walk in 4 inch heels if you can’t, um, well walk?
  • 21:35 "What do you think Dick Cheney eats for lunch besides small children?" – Hah @NoReservations DC episode, at laaaast!
  • 21:37 Awwww they’re at Busboys and Poets. Mmmmm peanut butter and banana sammich there with honey, free wireless, fluffly couches. Yes yes.
  • 21:41 Next? Ben’s Chili Bowl. Check to that too.
  • 21:55 Next? El Pollo Rico in Arlington, VA! Actually went there. Bourdain called it the "ass end of the universe". It’s not THAT far out, guy.
  • 22:00 Hmmm Eden Center in Falls Church? Not familiar, Bourdain, though making me wish I’d tried pho at least once with my old roomie, Yenie.
  • 22:02 They’re somewhere in VA now doing Ethiopian. Interesting they’re not at Zed’s. Makes me want some of that tasty spongy bread. Ah-may-zing.
  • 22:09 This day was too productive. Wore me out. Time for bed sweet bed, even with my hard hopefully soon to be replaced mattress… it’s a BRICK!

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