dixie diaries: big girl food

Everyone seems to want to remind me these days that Dixie’s no longer the wee one she used to be.

Last week, I took her to puppy play group to learn she *really* should have bern there an hour later for the small dog play group. Now that she’s over the one year threshold, she’s being forced in with the big girls.

Yesterday I needed to get her more food and for the first time, it wasn’t the puppy one I got. Awwww. I will say she loves it – in large part, I’m sure, due to the novelty of it being new. This morning she inhaled the entire bowl’s worth.

I guess at least we made it past the year mark without her deciding to make the legs of my coffee table her snack. I’m grateful for that, for sure. Now if only the barking would become less frequent…

Posted by ShoZu


2 thoughts on “dixie diaries: big girl food

  1. Awww – she’s a big girl now!

    I bought new food for my cats a few months ago – senior formula. They were finally both over the senior age. It was really hard to do!!!

  2. Ooooh something really hard about the “senior” flag. Sounds so old! But they really do it when they’re relatively young, right? I can’t deal with that thought right now (as my little cutie is gnawing away in my lap as I type).

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