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Kaleidoscope, East Village

Kaleidoscope, East Village

I’d never seen or heard of Kaleidoscope, though based on their location I must have walked by countless times. They caught my attention based on three things: their BYOB option on Sunday and Monday, they take reservations, and they have an extensive menu.

I could tell service was going to be good even before we sat down. Two of us sat at the bar as we waited for the final member of our party to arrive and we noticed there were about 2-3 others at the bar in the midst of conversation with the bartender. We began chatting and learned they were regulars and they proceeded to go through the menu options with us making suggestions — Always a good sign.

Indian Roti, Kaleidoscope

Indian Roti, Kaleidoscope

Once we were seated, our server was very gracious in helping us to chill our wine (as well as kind in bringing us ice cubes to help with the initial warm glass of white). He also patiently went through the entire menu with us to find an appetizer which we could all eat based on various dietary and allergy restrictions. We ended up starting with the Indian roti, which was warm naan paired with a spicy dipping sauce accentuated with small shredded pieces of chicken. It was a good size for sharing and the naan was noticeably fresh. What can I say I’m always a sucker for a carb kick start.

Ginger Chicken, Kaleidoscope

Ginger Chicken, Kaleidoscope

Portion sizes are definitely on the larger size. For my main course, I was pleased to learn the chef would work with my mushroom allergy and could prepare the ginger chicken without the mushrooms. The dish was a grilled chicken cutlet sautéed with ginger, scallions, and leeks in a light sauce. The ginger had been thinly shredded and added a little unexpected punch to the sauce which I really liked. The dish contained two very thinly sliced chicken cutlets, an amount I initially thought was perhaps too much though it turned out to be adequate. At $11, I found it to be extremely reasonable.

My friend had their garden salad with shrimp. The salad was massive and was what we had saw the group at the bar sharing — Definitely a generous sized portion for $10. The salad comes with a house carrot ginger dressing, a personal favorite of mine. It is a mixture of mesclun greens and romaine lettuce tossed with alfalfa sprouts, string beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The dressing was well done – an actual dressing versus a purée, which is what I find in restaurants 50% of the time.

I would love to come back and try their other menu options. They do deliver and their chef is excellent in working with dietary restrictions. He was fabulous with my mushroom concerns and our server said they’re accustomed to working with vegans and even those with gluten allergies. Definitely a great spot to check out. Make sure to hit up the Trader Joe’s wine shop just around the corner and you’re set for a fantastic Sunday or Monday dinner.

Kaleidoscope – 212 E 10th St (between 1st & 2nd Ave) – 212.420.8822


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