today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 23:56 Raining again? Ok weather. Guess can let it slide if you live up to’s current forecast…
  • 13:02 In love with my Kork-Ease sandals from @zappos. Perfect! Now just need tomorrow’s pedi and am weekend ready… Bring on the heat!!
  • 16:59 Check out my review of Kaleidoscope. Tasty + BYOB/no corkage on Sun/Mon!
  • 20:15 I know what product I should market to New Yorkers… 3 packs of umbrellas. Would be brilliant. Think my boy Duane R. would buy in?
  • 21:29 Yawn. Between wanting to go to sleep and allergies craving some Benadryl relief, gonna be a long wait until tonight’s conference call…
  • 21:49 Love it when Dixie burps loudly and looks at me like it’s my fault or something. Um no little lassie. It’s all youuuuuu.
  • 21:57 I am writing portions of my Yelp reviews in Spanish. I’m trying oh so hard to stay awake. YOU CAN DO IT!
  • 22:38 A little video entertainment for you this fine evening…
  • 23:31 Yay Benadryl time, now that call is over and I have OD’d on Pez. I forgot how hard it is to load that tricky dispenser thingie…

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