today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:57 Walking Dixie. Gorgeous flowers at the park.
  • 13:28 Note to restaurants: 85+ outside means windows open? Doesn’t cut it!! Ughhhhh…
  • 14:38 Sssssseriously classy…
  • 17:59 So far, not too impressed. Way too pricey! (at Topshop)
  • 18:14 Some day, sweet Mister Softee, you and I will become acquainted.
  • 18:52 Yeah think I saw last night’s SNL first time it aired, but The Rock singing and dancing Broadway style is amusing just the same.
  • 20:14 My dog thinks it’s time for bed. She’s in my bed barking down the hallway at me. Cutest/funniest thing ever. #lovemyyorkie
  • 20:23 Forgot Grey’s Anatomy was new this week. Just turned it on. Love you DVR. The look on Alex’s face though is killing me…
  • 21:51 I’m confused as to why my DVR didn’t know the second part of Grey’s was new? Or was this one of those ANNOYING Private Practice segues?
  • 22:25 I love Mark Sloan. He is yummy. #teammcsteamy

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