today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:09 Starving and looking forward to running errands in the fabulous sunny weather. I’ll be busting out the flip flops for the excursion.
  • 13:09 Street meat is smelling miiiiighty tempty…
  • 17:09 Any recs for a good spot Nolita-ish for groups that has a good selection of apps? Ideas, @eaterny?
  • 18:43 Fed my dog a little bit of string cheese and she’s still barking wanting to eat my food. #punkypuppy
  • 19:00 Check out some of this week’s food free-bees!
  • 19:19 Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper to prepare for tonight’s FINAL call w/ our Tokyo office. I’d really rather be pulling out the PJs… No such luck.
  • 20:09 Small dog play. Cuteness galore! (at Biscuits & Bath)
  • 22:29 Dragging my feet to call in. Only one more time through this presentation. Then it’s payday & am willing to bet my phone will ring nonstop.

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