today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:53 Trying Truvia this morning for the first time. Interesting. Definitely crunchier than Splenda.
  • 13:01 If known Park Slope Pork Off was gonna be a fail, would’ve hit the Hot Dog Hootennany. Pics look yum. Tho plan B ended up being quite fun.
  • 13:06 Just saw Grub Street’s late Friday post about the Mendoza Grape Crush Fest @ City Winery this past Sun. Oh too little, too late. Someday…
  • 16:19 Think coconut water might be one of few good recs in Gwyneth’s Goop poop. C’mon. More potassium than 2 bananas. Yes yes. No more toe cramps!
  • 20:14 Amused they just showed Petrossian on Gossip Girl. Gotta say, wasn’t a fan of that stuffy place.
  • 21:12 Oh Chuck, you always hurt me. Why do you *always* go there. Bass Bass Bass… #gossipgirl
  • 21:13 Caught up on my 365 Flickr uploads (, the blog entries, Gossip Girl, & now the grand finale… SLEEP!
  • 22:10 Wish my dog didn’t get so excited by scents. She just licked the spot I was lying in on my bed. Oh Dix…

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