no, not in daycare

As a part of “swine flu hysteria”, these posters and such are now up all over our offices. I do feel kind of like I work in a daycare for real, especially now. People should really just use common sense.

– Wash your hands. Especially if you ride the subway and touch those poles. Ew.
– If you’re sick, stay home. Work from home. Anything from home. Just don’t come cough on me. Gracias.
– If you feel bad for a long time, go to the doctor. That’s what they’re there for.

No, I don’t think the sky is falling. The world is not ending. And yes, Joe Biden, I will be using mass transit and flying, if needbe.

(And yes Joe, I know you didn’t mean it but I did see it. Did you guys see that on Today last week? Oh Joe…)


2 thoughts on “no, not in daycare

  1. This panic is hysterical. Did you hear that they shut down the Madison schools until May 15th?? Asinine!

  2. I mean, I appreciate you wouldn’t know it’s serious until it’s too late – but I do think it’s been a tad excessive…

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