pretty in plaid – union square / nyc reading & signing

What a fun night! So I hightailed it out of work to be there ASAP to secure a good spot. Woah. There were so many people in there and there was eventually a line out the side of the room they had Jen speaking in. Definitely lots more people than the time I saw her last when I’d just moved here. That time it was at the Barnes & Noble over around Lincoln Center, and Bouchon Bakery (unintentionally) tried to make me miss said event due to an unfortunate mushroom incident. Blech to that fungus. But I prevailed. This time I made sure no such thing happened, largely in part due to the fact that I just ate dinner. Um oooops.

Anyhow, there weren’t too many people there donning their best 80s gear. There was a girl sitting next to me with a tee on advertising Aquanet. The slogan on her shirt was something like “it really blows”. Nice. I was wearing my madras dress, figuring with the title being “Pretty in Plaid” that plaid was a safe bet considering I was headed there straight from the office. The guy sitting next to me who the security guy made me relinquish Karyn’s seat to was very interesting, wearing what I believe was a faux Member’s Only jacket in what looked like a grape bubble gum coat. 80s of all varieties, for sure.

I managed to snag a bit of video before my lovely low batt light started flashing. Jen elected to read a portion about sorority rush in her latest book, the point of which I haven’t yet reached. It was cracking me up. She was detailing out all of the things that she felt like she did wrong during her rush experience, which only made me think of sorority rush which I actually went through at not one but two large SEC schools. Oh rush. How I love to hate thee. And yes, I was the biggest fan though when it came to participating in the rush skits. Hand me a mic in a pinch and oh heck yeah I’ll be your Cyndi Lauper. And I’ll do it solo in clothes from a second hand store which cost all of $2. No qualms. Crimp my hair and put hot pink lipstick I wouldn’t usually be caught dead in. Hundreds of people there to witness? No biggie. It’s all for the better good. (If you’re lucky, I just might dig up some pictures…)

I did love her explanation of the way the rushees (ehem now recruitment guests, right?) were sized up based on their bags, hers which she proudly boasted was from Marshall’s. This made me think of our rush rules so much that, no lie, the one thing I basically said to her as she signed my book and posed for a quick picture was that we weren’t allowed to carry purses in or wear any identifying brands. She thought that was brilliant.

Jen Lancaster – “Pretty in Plaid” Reading – Union Square / NYC – 1 of 3 from LJ on Vimeo.

Jen Lancaster – “Pretty in Plaid” Reading – NYC / Union Square – Part 2 of 3 from LJ on Vimeo.

Jen Lancaster – “Pretty in Plaid” Reading – Union Square / NYC – 3 of 3 from LJ on Vimeo.

I’ll post more as I read more, but she loved her time as a Brownie, saw Girl Scouts as an upgrade, and never ceases to make me laugh. How can you not love Jen Lancaster?

And now, it’s time to love on my bed (and my audibly feeling neglected little pup)…


3 thoughts on “pretty in plaid – union square / nyc reading & signing

  1. oh yay! love the picture! I am going to see her tonight with a few dc ladies, she’s at the barnes at metro center! I have my camera with me too 🙂

  2. I just love her. I was tempted not to go since I went last time, but so glad I did. Something nice about seeing someone in person like that that brings pages to life. Always love that!

    Lex, your pics were too cute too.

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