today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:20 Time to waaaake up! (at Dunkin’ Donuts)
  • 18:07 Waiting to see Jen Lancaster on her @Pretty_in_Plaid tour!
  • 18:17 I would like to give kudos to Barnes & Noble for their music selection. It’s like the Breakfast Club *in* Union Square! #PrettyinPlaid
  • 18:19 Tainted loooooove!! (I can’t stand the way you teaaaaaase!) #PrettyinPlaid
  • 18:56 Staaaaarving!!!! Of course is the case now. And they are anti outside food Nazis. Not getting kicked out now…
  • 20:17 I’m at Coffee Shop (29 Union Square West, at 16th Street, NYC) .
  • 22:40 Wow. Just walked by obvious IBanker sceraming his convo. Someone needed more food?
  • 22:48 Can’t tell if my shoe insole is slick or if it’s street sludge. Um ewwww.
  • 23:41 – Jen Lancaster getting ready to go on for her reading of @Pretty_in_Plaid in NYC (Union Sq)
  • 23:45 – Hi hi! Smiling in my madras with Ms Lancaster at her @Pretty_in_Plaid reading. So glad I got there early! #Pr …
  • 23:49 – Quite the crowd at Jen’s signing. Glad I was at the front! #PrettyinPlaid

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