gracias a las madres

Happy Mother’s Day! I know, I know… a day late on this one. I think it felt better to wait since I didn’t get to make plans on the day of… Most days out of the year, I don’t mind so much being away from my family, but this is one of those where the distance is noticeable. It was almost magnified this year when I am still trying some two weeks later to actually get my mom her Mother’s Day present, but the intent was there and the present will follow. And even though my mom and I talk almost daily and she will be here shortly again to visit (slash help my sister move), it still makes me sad sometime not to be able to be there in person on these days.

This year in my mom’s Mother’s Day card, I had to recount one of my favorite statements I made as a child. We were making cute arts and crafts things at school. I must have been in kindergarten. They asked us some questions. One was “what is a mother?”. I think I must have thought this was the dumbest question ever, as my response back was “A mother is a person”. (And they thought I needed more schooling? Hold me back? Again, kudos for mom to saying I didn’t need to repeat kindergarten.)

The next question was “I love my mother because” and we were supposed to complete the sentence. My response? “… she takes me shopping and she’s going to buy me some Care Bears on my next birthday”. She’s definitely done more than take me shopping and buy me Care Bears, that’s for sure.

Thanks to my Mom for all that you do. Every day. For saying no she doesn’t need to stay back. For helping me clean my desk back in the days where my handwriting was horrendous. Before I knew what the heck it was to “flip the bird”. Even from thousands of miles away. See you soon. Hope you had a wonderful day… and thank you for your willingness to always put the wellbeing of others before you. They say it’s a thankless job, but I say thank you.

And to all of you Mom’s out there, hope you had a special one. And all of you daughters, hope you had a special one with your moms too!


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