today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:27 Need to run errands at lunch but feeling very lazy. Trying to entice self with promise of fountain Diet Mt Dew…
  • 15:50 Tick tock… Not too much longer. Don’t think that Diet Mt Dew is performing up to expectations. Yawn. FAIL!
  • 16:11 Stop by @neighborbee to check out my review on @food2 & their launch event
  • 17:56 Have I mentioned how much I dislike the skateboarders at Union Sq? So rude. One almost ran me over. Didn’t blink.
  • 18:04 My shoes are making an audible farting noise when I walk. So this is how they operate sans hose? I think I’m getting funny looks…
  • 19:05 Wow. Guy just went by talking to himself about how people were texting scripts, how it’s a security hazzard, & cause of 9/11.
  • 20:31 I’m at Butter Lane (123 E 7th St, between 1st Ave & Avenue A, NYC) .
  • 21:00 Eating a cupcake (espresso iced chocolate) as I see The Biggest Loser is on. Oh so wrong.
  • 21:18 Official Tori Amos tour dates are up!!! Can finally plan out summer and I’m super excited. Florida… DC… and of course NY here I come!
  • 21:19 Anyone out there owe me a present? If so, feel free to pay in Tori Amos tix (pre-sale seat quality only, please) and/or espresso cupcakes.
  • 21:36 Oh my… #toriamos
  • 21:37 Getting excited 🙂

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