"farewell to the 20’s" tour

I’m excited. Tour dates for Tori Amos’ upcoming tour have been announced and since they came out a couple of days back, my friends and I have already begun to formulate plans of shows to attend, transportation possibilities, even restaurants (watch out Melting Pot in Orlando – we’ve so got your number).

So here’s my summer:
7/28 – Orlando
7/29 – Miami
8/1 – DC
8/13 – NYC
8/17 – Boston

This is my present to myself for the impending three uh-oh. Haha. What better way to celebrate than by catching some concerts, visiting several good friends, and traveling along the east coast. Can’t wait! (Keep your fingers crossed I don’t hurt any computer pieces while fighting with Ticketmaster in the coming weeks. They drive me nuts)

Oh and this pic here is me meeting Tori Amos at my first show I went to back in 2002 in Melbourne, FL. I thought I had been to maybe 7-8 concerts of hers in total. I looked yesterday. Nope. Try 11. 16 after this summer…


3 thoughts on “"farewell to the 20’s" tour

  1. First, you’re not 30 yet? Oy.

    Second, I think that is a totally awesome gift to yourself. Sounds like a total blast!!

  2. I know… I’m close! I never know how old I am anyhow haha. And I’m definitely not freaked out about an age that begins in a “3”.

    And I am SUPER excited. Can’t wait. It’s sort of an alternate universe when you go to this many shows. You start to know some of the other people, which is fun.

  3. I went to quite a few shows over the summer too,
    washington dc
    new york city
    new jersey

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