weekend review: bachelorette-ing in dc

This past weekend, I took the bus back to DC for the first time since November. Thankfully, my “waiting period” helped to ensure warmer temps were waiting for me as I got off of the bus. Phew. I’m ready for sundresses already. Have I mentioned that? Anyhow, it was great to see everyone again and the soiree was quite the shindig.

Rather than a large, crowded, and noisy restaurant, my friend thought it would be nicer to have everyone bring in tapas from around the world and a drink to match their country.

Tapas Spread for the Bachelorette
Tapas Spread

Dessert Spread for the Bachelorette
Dessert Spread

Me & Our Bachelorette
Me and Our Bachelorette

Group Shot with the Spinner
Group Shot with the Spinner

Very fun weekend! And my staying at home and relaxing this week now that I’m back? Definitely well justified.


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