today’s bits – rhonj. drama, drama, drama!

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 08:39 Not feeling so hot this morning. Going in to work after hitting the doc’s in a few. Dixie thinks I’m here for her and to play.
  • 08:51 Awwww. Doggie makeovers on the Today show.
  • 11:41 Exhausted. Getting to the doctor’s office took way too much energy. Think I’m a no-go on tonight’s plans.
  • 15:34 The Diet Coke at lunch was supposed to give me a boost thru to 5:30. I’ve found that boost to be too short. 2 hours+ too short.
  • 17:24 It’s time to go home. I’m going from burning up to freezing within 15 minutes. Confirmation it’s time to fill prescription & hit the hay.
  • 19:10 Anywhere besides to see the Real Housewives of New Jersey? They only have the 1st episode there. #bravofail #RHONJ
  • 19:17 Happiness is… catching the $1 sale at fave cookie vendor at the Union Sq Greenmarket after work. Ahhhh. Pumpkin cookie w/ maple icing.
  • 19:56 I just watched 7 min teaser preview for episode 2 of RHONJ. Sad I’m resorting to this, and too stubborn to buy on iTunes. Just seems wrong.
  • 20:59 Head to pillow. Curious how the dog will react to an early bedtime. My body’s smiling at the idea though. Hasta mañana.

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