today’s bits – attempts @ bargain shopping

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:10 Why do people sit in the aisle seat and leave the window open in a crowded bus? So selfish.
  • 11:25 Almost to brunch. The back of the bus is way too bumpy. Thankfully getting off before I get a headache!!
  • 11:46 Not a weekend sans brunch… (at Blockheads – UES)
  • 13:32 Sweating on the bus. Gross. So gross. No A/C. Woman in front of me was wanting on for free since it’s so hot on here. Kind of agree now!
  • 13:56 Emergency iced coffee – stat! (at Dunkin’ Donuts.)
  • 15:43 Shopping w/ Dix (at Union Square)
  • 19:12 I’d like just one dance with Johnny Castle. And yes, I’d carry a watermelon for the right.
  • 19:30 Dixie keeps burping. Hah. She’s a mess. She was just sprawled out, belly up. Spoiled.
  • 20:50 Group just stopped Dix & I and complemented her fab summer ‘do. As her personal pup stylist, I said “thank you!”.

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