today’s bits – yo bobama!

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 00:45 Icy hot has conquered my right cheek. Ooopsie. Darn stray hair that attacked my face!
  • 09:53 Stuck in traffic en route to ortho doctor. C’mon folks. Move it!
  • 10:01 My cabbie is singing. Kind of sounded like the melody of “Jai Ho”? Bizarre…
  • 10:39 There’s a lady in waiting room w/ so much collagen in her lips she looks like probably has to force her lips to not touch her nose! Gross.
  • 12:25 Exhausted from walking to the doctor’s 😦 (at Columbus Circle)
  • 18:12 Working from home one more day. On one hand, enjoying some rest. On other, I must confess I get squirmy squirmy!
  • 20:15 It’s TATER TIME!!!!!
  • 20:26 Dixie gives everything her all – including killing my favorite pen. So much for this one!
  • 21:02 I think NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” is so poorly named. Note to NBC: Mid-season name change is most def in order.
  • 21:09 I love that Obama goes to Five Guys. This is a President I can totally get behind. I bet he eats Cajun fries just like I do.
  • 21:53 BOBAMA!!!!!

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