today’s bits – faux frozen peas

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 00:03 Laughing at Conan’s “Tweet of the Week” segment. And now? Pain meds & zzzzz…
  • 11:42 Dixie is stalking her first taste of @DunkinDonuts. It’s maple frosted, of course.
  • 11:51 Enjoyed Conan being a twit about Twitter. Haha.
  • 12:02 Love that wine bars are turning up on here. Sweet! Waving hello to @terroirNY. Maybe next time I’m in your vicinity, I can get in the door!
  • 12:23 This is how my day’s looking. How about yours?
  • 12:37 I’m filming commercial/infomercial next Wed. Pretty funny. Hopefully no walking involved. Thankfully they’re sending a car service (score!).
  • 12:38 Thx for sharing @DonStugots. Love this one @LisaBianco! Wish I were there for the show tonight (& were playing … ♫
  • 12:50 Only two Tori Amos shows left to scrap for tickets for! 8th row for Radio City. Yeah! ♫
  • 13:07 I think this is my favorite off of Tori Amos’ latest album. Haunting. ♫
  • 14:02 Dina’s cat on RHONJ. Cute or ugly? Sorry. I vote ugly… #RHONJ
  • 14:13 Do you really need a going away party for someone only gone 2 weeks? No. #RHONJ
  • 17:16 Tomorrow, I’m waddling back into the office. Last night’s lesson? Don’t take painkillers at 12:30, or else incoherent until at least 9:30…
  • 18:32 Waiting on Hill Country to arrive. At my door (yessssss). I’m excited. Only ever had Thanksgiving meal from there. Bring on the ribs!
  • 19:33 PB&J cupcake? Yes please! And now? Food coma.
  • 20:51 I’m still replying to work emails. Need to take my meds. Hmmm. Might only have a short fully functional window here. Baha.
  • 20:51 Heidi, the devil gets to you often, m’dear. Sorry couldn’t resist. And yes, i’m watching “I’m (Not) a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”.
  • 20:52 Spencer “lost his mind”. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • 20:58 New fancy smancy mattress coming on Friday! Yay mom. And Sleepy’s. Very excited I’ll soon not be sleeping on a glorified stump.
  • 22:43 Pain meds are winning. My uncomfortable bed is calling. I won’t know the difference soon anyhow. But yay – one more day til new mattress!!

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