brazil knows easter

Have you ever had a Brazilian style Easter egg? If not, you should be sure to try one for Easter next year. They are amazing. So good… A good friend of mine, Rio, often gets me one for Easter. I’m forever spoiled. This one is called Serenata de Amor (it’s his favorite one – mmmmm…) and the brand’s Garoto.

Here it is in it’s freshly unwrapped glory…

And now, let’s’ bust into that tasty thing!

Dixie Meets Brazilian Chocolate from LJ on Vimeo.

I thought Dixie would go nuts with the egg’s wrapper, but she just didn’t get it. And she was miffed we weren’t sharing the chocolate with her. Sillyhead.

2 thoughts on “brazil knows easter

  1. Okay, I'm just catching up on your blog, but Lara….was that egg filled with a candy called "Bon Bons"??? That is a South American candy that I found in Spain (oddly enough) and it was the most delicious candy I've ever eaten! It looks similar to the wrapper, but I can't tell if it's that for sure….

  2. Yes Laurie they were Bon Bons! They were made by a specific brand, Garoto. Amazing, right? Soooo good. I'm down to the last lonely one 😦

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