today’s bits – grilled corn on my block

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:46 Brunch with mom! (at The Stanton Social)
  • 11:52 Mini stack of pancakes. Don’t mind if I do…
  • 12:05 Anyone have recs on a store in Manhattan (preferably not too far uptown) to buy a nice serving tea pot??
  • 12:16 Pierogies. Not too bad (tho the apple & Brie quesadillas win!).
  • 17:23 I would like to send lots of Tweet luv to Amtrak. Just canceled my DC reservation & they gave full refund. Already love them, but more now.
  • 18:04 – Exhausted. But we stopped at the street festival on my corner for grilled corn. SOOO GOOD!
  • 18:15 Watching @DaveJMatthews and the band on the Today show finally. Downloaded the new album this morning. Wanna dust off some old CDs now.
  • 23:34 RIP dear pillow. We’ve had a good many many years (8? 9?) before you creepily turned into a crumbly yellowish orange mess tonight.

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