today’s bits – the doog does broadway

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:48 Jane, why can you give us free mimosas, bellinis, etc. but no free Diet Coke?? Let’s just think about costs for a second folks…
  • 12:57 Vanilla bean creme brûlée French toast. Oh yessssss!!
  • 20:30 Obama-mia (sopapilla?) #Tonys
  • 20:55 Ok I want to see so many musicals now… 9 to 5, Billy Elliott, Reasons to be Pretty, and West Side Story, just to name a few… #Tonys
  • 21:05 Born and raised in south Detroiiiiiiiiit… I’m glad my mom’s here to tell me who Constantine is. I had no clue. I’m Idol ignorant. #Tonys
  • 21:30 Awww Uncle Jessie is coming to Broadway? Bye Bye Birdie with him would be good. Hmmmm. #Tonys
  • 22:54 Oh my – the little boys playing Billy Elliot who won were too cute!! Ok, I’ll go see this one even if I’m buying a solo ticket. #Tonys
  • 23:15 If anyone stumbles across NPH’s closer online, please let me know. Didn’t know there was more 😦 #Tonys

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