today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 08:10 I was out of the office one afternoon & my inbox is overflowing. I think the days of slow-paced work are gone.
  • 09:32 Busy busy busy. If you’re way downtown in Manhattan, know more caffeine sent in my direction would be much appreciated. Back to it…
  • 17:58 Laughing at the huge line outside my PT’s office. It’s not for them. Apparently it’s the Jonas Brothers. Kids these days…
  • 19:12 Oh my! I can hear the screaming downstairs for the Jonas Brothers downstairs as they ice my knees. Seriously people. They’re just boys.
  • 19:14 Most importantly I’d better be able to cross the street to get dinner. If not, I’m gonna (somehow) put my re-strengthened knee to work…
  • 19:35 Take that, Jonas Brothers! (at Chickpea)
  • 21:19 Um I can’t find my copy of "Atonement". Is the universe telling me not to read this considering this is my second attempt?

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