r.i.p. virgin

Today I walked by the shell of what was the big Virgin Megastore at Union Square. It’s just down from the shell of what was Circuit City. That southeast corner of the square looks sad. Lonely. Isolated.

I looked at it and it made me think of the huge one in London close to the loud and raucous Picadilly Circus. The first time I went there I remember being in awe of how large it was. How it was so metropolitan and how even though the Best Buy in Huntsville was large, trendy, and equipped with the latest electronic gadgets and music that this place? It was a whole new world.

Having just finished high school and being abroad my first time on my first flight ever, it was big on many levels. Standing there today looking at this sad glass shell of a building, I couldn’t help but visualize that bustling store I thought was the hippest thing ever. That’s how I want to remember it.

Think I’ll avoid that corner until it’s occupied – cause Union Sq isn’t complete without its fourth corner.

Posted by ShoZu


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