weekend review: back on the bus

I left out midday on Friday to head back to DC for the weekend. I am super lucky that my work will let me connect in while on the bus so that I can have time to make my way to DC via the BoltBus and arrive into town in time to enjoy the evening. Doesn’t get any better than that. I accidentally ended up on the earlier bus by getting there 30 minutes before mine, so that worked out nicely. I’ll have to remember that trick!

We managed to make it over to catch the end of the weekly Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, which a lovely outdoors area bordering on the Mall. I’d been there before (not for the jazz event) but had never seen it so crowded. Every square inch of grass was packed with people, sitting elbow to elbow. It was impressive. From there, we headed to check out a new restaurant in the Chinatown area called Cedar for my friend AM’s birthday. It was a nice restaurant with excellent food but an oddly off ambiance. It just didn’t have the personality to offset the quality of the food. Perhaps it’s just growing pains of a new place. It was so nice to stay with Squire for the evening to catch up, as I hadn’t seen her in ages. Her place is too cute – over not too far from the H Street corridor, a pocket of DC I’d never really visited.

Saturday morning we were up early and Squire accommodated my need for the bean even tough she’s not a coffee drinker. I’d been curious to try Sidamo, an Ethiopian coffee shop known for their fabulously roasted beans. They did not disappoint. Extremely flavorful, and a fabulous offset to my allergy-induced headache (yikes). From there, we went over to Eastern Market. Friday as I’d arrived in my dress broke (AGAIN) so I found myself without enough clothing for the weekend. Thank goodness for Eastern Market. 15-20 minutes later, I found myself with 2 new dresses and a gorgeous silver necklace with the outline of a butterfly. Problem solved!

From there, I met Rio at Old Ebbitt for brunch. I’d heard it was a great spot, and it did not disappoint! It was packed and we were seated straight through in the open atrium area out to the back. It was beautiful, open, and sunny. There seemed to be an event going on and periodically we’d hear cheering and clapping. I heard from my old friend, the Tour Guide, who was around for the afternoon and able for us to spontaneously meet up. I’d had to miss her wedding a few weeks back due to my knees (I decided walking was probably key to making a trip – perhaps overly cautious). It was good to see her, her new husband, and to catch up. We talked all about the wedding and their fabulous honeymoon to Greece. I so want to go to Greece now… or just travel, period. Thank goodness I’m off next week to Florida. I’m itching for a temporary change in venue, which is ironic seeing as I just got back last night from DC.

More later on the rest of the weekend…


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