weekend review: more on the district

When Rio mentioned the Newseum, I was intrigued. It opened off of the Mall after I’d left so I had never had the opportunity to go there. Hmmm. Guess you could even say I haven’t been to any DC museum since I moved. Unfortunately we got there a tad too late. I did get to see that the Huntsville Times though was their Alabama paper on display in the front for the day. Instead, we elected to head to the Sculpture Garden and put our feet in the pool. So nice! It was prime people-watching as well. Families… tourists… couples. We stayed until the rain began to lightly drop as the sun sihone strong. Always a bizarre sight.

While I was in DC, I really wanted to try more spots along the U Street Corridor. I’d been to U-topia once, only for appetizers though. We planned to have a full dinner there. The food was amazing. Flavorful and pretty reasonably priced. They had live jazz starting later in the evening, but only if you could make it until 11:30pm. Outlook was doubtful. Their music was originally pretty off for the vibe I’d remembered. I cannot remember what they were playing but it was nothing amazing. Then, they shifted to more Brazillian beats. One reminded Rio of capoeira, which he had to show me on You Tube. It was fascinating – he explained it was originally a way of the slaves trying to strengthen themselves and practice fighting without their masters realizing what they were doing. It is disguised as almost a dance, which is what their masters thought. I would love to see it in person!

We continued on to Tabaq. I was curious to try it since I’d never been, but that was before I realized they had a rooftop area. Even better, especially with the rain clearing. We put in our name at The Gibson, one of DC’s first speakeasy’s, and headed to Tabaq for the interim. They had an especially extensive selection of mojitos (passion fruit? pear? peach? woah!). We sat at the bar and watched the place begin to become crowded. I remember now the bar was beautifully lit up with all of the bottles. I meant to take a picture but was too distracted and forgot. We went over to The Gibson once we were paged. I was pleasantly surprised – found a cute little quaint spot, about twice the size of Manhattan’s Milk & Honey. The walls were a deep black, with deep red accents. I thought M&H’s strict black and ivory composition could be warmed up a bit. Really liked The Gibson. The seats were plush and cozy and the drink menu was intriguing. Mine had rose water and some sort of creme de lavendar. I don’t know either. But it was good. Rio’s had Angostera bitters in it, and bitter it was. It was a fierce orangey-red. I’d have definitely swiped a photo if I didn’t think it would be a major faux pas.

Later, we watched Twilight. I was intrigued to see it after reading the books (I’ll save that for another post). I’d long heard the books were far better and oh my. Even watching it at 2am, I emphatically concur. If you haven’t read the book and are thinking of watching the movie, message me. You can have my copy. Just yeah. Don’t go there! I have hopes the next one will be better. We can only hope. After brunch at Matchbox (mmmm), I found myself running to catch the BoltBus. Good thing too, as we pulled out about 5 minutes after I’d sat down. Ooops. And I was left with a couple of seats from which to choose, and I chose wrong. My neighbor was coughing, sniffling, hadn’t bathed since who knows when, and spent the majority of the ride on the phone with her friends talking about the evils of air conditioning and how it had made her so so sick. If it wasn’t for my remaining cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakery we forgot to eat while watching Twilight, I might have gone nuts. Thankfully I didn’t have to experience the alternative. Overall a great trip, and I’m excited to be back in a few short weeks for, what else, a Tori Amos concert.


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