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Pacifico, Cobble Hill/Brooklyn

Pacifico, Cobble Hill/Brooklyn

I think I might have found the best Mexican food (at least that I’ve encountered thus far) in … Brooklyn? Oh yes. You heard that right! Last week, I went with some friends to check out their neighborhood spot, Pacifico. It’s out in Cobble Hill, but not too far from the train and oh-so worth it.

I’d heard it can get packed, but the seating area was pretty large. There’s a fabulous outdoor patio area, perfect to enjoy unless you encounter a ridiculously humid night like we did. Once you go into the rest of the restaurant, it winds through two main portions, so it can accommodate a lot of people. It definitely started to fill up.

We started with some chips and salsa. I’m a bit picky on my chips and salsa, and I’ll say I really liked their salsa. The chunks of tomatoes were small and it has a smokey yet spicy flavor, which is my favorite combination. The salsa itself was even warm when it came out (bonus points) and they served it with tri-colored tortilla chips (even more bonus points).

Shredded Yardbird Enchiladas, Pacifico

Shredded Yardbird Enchiladas, Pacifico

I was drawn to their “Taco Stand” section of the menu. You get to choose your method of preparation (tacos, enchiladas, quesadilla, or burrito grande) and your filling (pulled beef with olives, shredded yardbird with cabbage, pork carnitas, or roasted mushrooms). I opted for my Mex staple, enchiladas, and went with the shredded yardbird, which essentially is just shredded chicken with cabbage mixed in.

When the plate came out, it just looked good. I’m a big fan of enchiladas anyhow, so I often gamble, but many times I find chicken enchiladas mean no cheese. Just because I like poultry does not mean I am not a major cheese aficionado, which is why I oftentimes choose cheese enchiladas to ensure I don’t lose out this all-important component. I was so excited to see a nice layer of white cheese crowning off my enchiladas. Yes yes! I was unsure if the cabbage would be too much as I’m not a fan, but I found it just added a little veggie crunchiness to the meal, which was a nice compliment. I dare say these are the best chicken enchiladas I’ve found, and you can be guaranteed I will be heading back out to visit them! And for $8 for two enchiladas and rice, I say it’s a good value.

They also have all of your other favorite Mex staples – fajitas ($13 – definitely the lowest I’ve seen in NYC area) and nachos. There are also less traditional options for mains, such as Veracruz crab cakes, which come served with a jack cheese chile relleno and green chile rice. And no Mexican establishment would be complete sans margaritas. Theirs I believe were only $6 (or $7 for flavored).

I always joke how I’m on the eternal search for my “go-to” Mexican spot. It seemed like a never-ending quest but, for now, I think I’ve found it! (Note: I’m always accepting recommendations. Suggest it and I’ll try it!)

Pacifico – 269 Pacific Street (at Smith Street) – 718.935.9090
Cash Only


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