tori amos – orlando – 7.28.09

(AKA Tori Version H2O)

I went with my two Florida ladies to the Tori Amos show last Tuesday night at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. I’d been to the venue before – not the absolute worst venue I’ve been to, but pretty darn close – but hoped that third row tickets would help make it better than usual. We’d opted out of the meet and greet based on JCC’s preggo state, so I’d instead spent the day lounging at the pool and being a total bum. We later learned it was a relatively short wait since she came out at 3pm, but no biggie. There’s always Boston 🙂

Give ~ Body & Soul ~ Cornflake Girl ~ Pandora’s Aquarium ~ Siren ~ Liquid Diamonds ~ Marys of the Sea ~ Martha’s Foolish Ginger ~ Bells for Her ~ {Lizard Lounge} Close to Home Improv->Goodbye Pices ~ Here in My Head ~ {Band returns} ~ Icicle ~ Past the Mission ~ Fast Horse ~ Precious Things ~ Strong Black Vine ~ {Encore} ~ Bouncing Off Clouds ~ Take to the Sky ~ Big Wheel

I didn’t know what I thought about her opening with Give. I liked it okay on the album, but didn’t know how excited I was to think about hearing it six different times live. It was much better than I’d expected. Once the band kicked in with her, the pulsing rhythm and the energy of the song was much better than on the album, so I guess this one wasn’t a bad opener after all.

Several of the songs we were expecting based on the setlists up until then, such as Cornflake Girl, Siren, Bouncing Off Clouds, and Big Wheel. Pandora’s Aquarium was a nice surprise, although it definitley fit with the aquatic theme for the evening. I always forget how much I like that song aside from the intro portion. I was thrilled to hear Here in My Head. Always a treat! And even though I’ve seen it several times live, I always love seeing Take to the Sky live. I had to tape a quick clip of it to share…
One thing I definitely noticed was how darn smiley she was. While she’s definitely lightened up since becoming a mother, I’d never seen her grinning like a cheshire cat. She definitely was in Orlando, and it was a grin which lasted throughout the show from start to finish. I think it’s since she’s so close to home (just a bit up the road in Florida), as she referenced in the intro into Goodbye Pices. I had to take quite a few pictures to make sure I captured that! Overall it was a solid show and was a nice way to start off my series of shows on the tour.

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