tori amos – dc – 8.1.09

Saturday Rio and I headed over to Paulo’s in Georgetown for lunch. We got off at the Dupont Metro station. The weather was so nice – clear skies and the sun was in full August form. It was a bit of a walk, but it was nice to have the excuse to wander back through the streets of my old neighborhood and into Georgetown without having to rush. I then met up with Zandria. Even though I’ve followed her blog for years and messaged some with her, we’d ironically never met face-to-face. There’s something great about meeting someone in person and finding them to be just who they’ve presented them to be through their writing. I think that’s a combination of an honest person and a great writer. We hit up the much-touted Georgetown Cupcake, which we found to have a small storefront (sans seating) and a line wrapped out and around down the street. the cupcakes weren’t over-hyped – quite to the contrary as they were very good. The icing was nice, fluffy, and moist. At first glance, I thought it might be stiff and more about the presentation than the taste. I went with the Red Velvet and found the cream cheese icing soft and spot-on. I do have to say though I have to give Red Velvet a bit of an edge (better taste and seating = upgrade). Hopefully we’ll be able to visit again soon! And she also shared the fabulous tidbit that BlogHer 2010 will be located in NYC, so I just might get to finally participate next year.

The Tori Amos show was scheduled to start at 8pm so we aimed to get to the venue between 8:15-8:30. Beforehand we split some tapas at Jaleo, a Spanish restaurant I used to go to from time to time. It’s left me with a chorizo craving. Anyone have recommendations on great spots to buy chorizo in NYC? I’d never been to DAR Constitution Hall – nicover. I thought the venue in sort of an odd pocket of the city (especially compared to the likes of the Warner Theater). It was also interesting because our seats were Row J, but there seemed to be no Row I. Also, the empty space between Row D and Row I had no seats, so Row J felt pretty darn close. There were two empty seats on row H, so when the concert started, Rio and I moved on up by one. After all, would hate those prime seats to go to waste, right? My friend Peter was also at the show. It’s always good to see familiar faces from the Florida shows even when I’m up in DC/NYC. I saw a few other familiar faces as well.

Give ~ Body and Soul ~ Cornflake Girl ~ Flavor ~ Space Dog ~ Hotel ~ Jamaica Inn ~ Icicle (w/The Church’s One Foundation intro) ~ Carbon ~ {Lizard Lounge} ~ Mary Jane ~ Gold Dust ~ {Band Returns} ~ Pretty Good Year ~ a sorta fairytale ~ Fast Horse ~ Precious Things ~ Strong Black Vine ~ {Encore} ~ Bouncing off Clouds ~ Raspberry Swirl ~ Big Wheel

There were several repeats this show, which wasn’t a bad thing. Icicle’s intro of “The Church’s One Foundation” was an interesting twist which was well done, even if I’m sort of hoping that song doesn’t make an appearance again in another one of the three shows I’m attending. Mary Jane was better live than I thought it would be. It was nice to hear it live, although I’ll admit to being stingy and not wanting to sacrifice a spot out of Lizard Lounge for it. Gold Dust was a nice surprise – it had a haunting quality. She kept smiling and pointing her finger downwards as she sang “I was here”. I didn’t think about it until then, but how lucky am I to see her on both of her “home” turfs (Florida and DC)?

Pretty Good Year was a nice one to pull out of the older stuff and it was nice to see A Sorta Fairytale too. It really was one of the best balanced set lists I’ve seen – heavier on the AATS album than some other but rounded out by some of the old school favorites and a touch of rarer ones. And (finally!) she shared a story (before Mary Jane) and there was also the intro into Icicle. That’s pretty darn perfect. And now that I’ve seen it twice live, I don’t think I could tire of seeing Raspberry Swirl live – and I think it fits much better in the encores. Nice high note, along with Bouncing off Clouds and Big Wheel, on which to end the concert. I wish now I’d filmed a bit of the show. She was in good spirits still, although not quite as super smiley as in Florida, and was dancing up a storm. She seems to have gotten into a routine for Big Wheel, Bouncing Off Clouds, and Body and Soul. And next stop (for me)… Radio City!


2 thoughts on “tori amos – dc – 8.1.09

  1. I can't believe it took us so long to meet, either! We totally should have gotten together when you still lived here. Move back, move back! 🙂

    (I had a GREAT time.)

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