tori amos – miami beach – 7.29.09

We headed out midday on Wednesday to make sure we’d arrive in Miami Beach in time to get our stuff into Rio’s place, change clothes, and grab a bite to eat before Tori went on stage. JCC tends to get motion sickness in the car, so she was the one who was driving our trio down. In fine Florida fashion, we hit at least three rounds of storms, one of which was so heavy you could barely see through the layer of rain across the windshield. This couldn’t have helped JCC continue on, although her determination enabled her to keep our potty stops during the epic drive to only a mere two. We grabbed dinner at Nexxt Café, where I found their service remained not too impressive and that our server was not too forthcoming with pricing. Nice. We enjoyed the meal though, especially as the restaurant is one of the few along Lincoln Road with an abundance of indoor seating, a key trait with all the rainstorms. JP was able to sell her extra ticket too in front of the venue, even though it was far below face value. The number of people wanting a $80 ticket for $10-$20 astounded me.

Give ~ Raspberry Swirl ~ Cornflake Girl ~ Flavor ~ Space Dog ~ Hotel ~ Jamaica Inn ~ Carbon ~ Horses ~ {Lizard Lounge} ~ Winter ~ Famous Blue Raincoat ~ {Band Returns) ~ Little Earthquakes ~ Police Me ~ Mother Revolution ~ Precious Things ~ Strong Black Vine ~ {Encore} ~ Body and Soul ~ Bouncing Off Clouds ~ Big Wheel

The show itself was amazing. Tori’s outfit for this show really made her look like she was bound for the moon – bright yellow with the upper portion pointing off to each side. I thought it was very fitting that she chose to pull out “Space Dog” at this show. Whereas Orlando’s show included few surprises based on the setlists to date, I thought Miami helped to bring in some things I’d been wanting to see and some things I definitely was not expecting.

Raspberry Swirl and Carbon were my two most wanted, and having them both appear at the same show was such a nice surprise. Raspberry Swirl live has so much energy and doesn’t seem to have quite the electronica/club vibe as it does on the album. Live is much better as I suspected – definitely did not disappoint. Now if she’d only release a CD with the live version on it, I’ll be a happy camper. Space Dog was a fitting selection for sure based on her attire. Her super happy mood continued with this second Florida show as well. Grin clear from left to right ear, which only seemed to soften a bit with the somber nature of songs such as Horses and Little Blue Raincoat.

I was extremely excited to hear Famous Blue Raincoat. I didn’t think I’d seen his one live, although I just checked and see I saw her do it at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL back on 4/3/05. I wanted to get a video of this one. Unfortunately I got yelled at about halfway through, but here’s the rest. Beautiful. (and thankfully they didn’t swipe my camera – phew!)

While I like the new album fair, there aren’t a ton of songs off of it that I find myself really hoping to hear live. I was curious though to see both Flavor and Police Me. Flavor had a nice haunting quality to it live – not bad. And I really liked the energy of Police Me. Tori seemed to like it too based on her dancing and energy throughout the song. And well, I’m always happy to see Little Earthquakes pop back up. We waited around after the show just to see if she happened to do a post-show meet and greet, even though we haven’t really heard of her doing any thus far. She didn’t come out – we just saw her big black SUV drive out, with Tori sitting in the back seat, smiling and waving in a an straw hat. She looked beach-ready, even at a quarter ‘til midnight. Definitely my favorite of the two shows this tour.

Remaining on the request list? Curtain Call, Cool on Your Island, Upside Down, and Taxi Ride…


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