dixie diaries: kibbles and carriers

Before I headed out on my journeys, I needed to get some more food to leave with my sister while she was watching Dixie. She usually eats Wellness’ Small Breed dry food. She likes it better since the pieces are smaller and not so hard for her to chew. I popped in to District Dog and they happened to be out of it. They did highly recommend the Stella and Chewy’s line, bringing out their freeze-dried chicken steaks. I didn’t know what I thought, but knew I needed something to leave for her ASAP so figured they were worth a shot. At $8.99 a bag, I didn’t think I necessarily wanted to switch Dixie over to solely eating this. There are 12 patties included in that sized bag and the sales rep said she should probably eat 1.5 patties per day.

I was curious what Dixie would even think. I opened the bag and could tell it even smelled yummy to me. Hmmm. Little odd there. I crumbled it up and put it on top of her dry food (I accidentally bought the plain adult variety, which she thinks is ultra blah). She went nuts. She ate everything on top before she even went to the bathroom, very odd for her to do first thing in the morning. She then looked up at me, her eyes pleading for more. I’ve continued to try the “sprinkling” approach and she’s just in love. I won’t switch her solely to it, but I’ll definitely try my way through their other offerings (there’s chicken, lamb, duck, and beef).

Also yesterday I stopped into Trixie and Peanut with Dixie. I looked through my Daily Candy email that day and it included a puppy carrier that was more of a pouch which crossed diagonally across the chest. I’ve had lots of issues with Miss Dix, her carrier, and my sore wrist. Usually I’ve got the side unzipped and her head is poking out. As time passes, more of her body is protruding than just her head and I’m holding up the majority of her 7.5 pounds with my wrist. Not good. So not good. I called Trixie and Peanut and found out that virtually all of their merchandise shown online is available in person. Score!!!

I ended up going with this K-9 Cargo Messenger Pet Pouch. It’s fabulous, though I don’t know that I’d recommend it for dogs too much larger than Dixie. It was hard to photograph myself with her in the bag, but this was as good as it got. The great thing is that you can clip them in to secure them into the bag – there’s a cord of sorts with a click you can attach firmly to your dog’s harness. A nice added dose of peace of mind. Dixie just loves this bag. I could tell after walking two blocks that this was worth every bit of its $49 pricetag. Her weight is much more distributed, so I can tell it’ll be much easier to carry her for extended periods of time. Also, her head hit around my chest level, so she is where she wants to be – super duper close. The kicker? This even works as a solution to my not being able to do housework issue!!! Dixie always barks, not wanting me to leave her to do, well, almost anything. Last night I put her in the bag and just carried her around. She just loved it. She was smiling, tongue flopped out.

Only downside? Might actually have to start cleaning now that I don’t have that excuse any longer…


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