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Matilda - East Village

Matilda - East Village

A friend of mine had walked by Matilda and thought it looked like a cute spot to check out for brunch. We went ahead and made reservations, although it didn’t seem necessary when we arrived on that Sunday. I went online as I usually do to read a little about the restaurant and I just fell in love with the concept. The restaurant is owned by a couple and the menu is a cross between Tuscan and Mexican cuisine, based on the respective heritage of each the owners. The restaurant’s name, Matilda, is that of their daughter since they say on the website that they view the restaurant as their second “daughter”.

Matilda, East Village

Matilda, East Village

Upon arriving, I loved the personal touch down to the chalkboard standee promoting the brunch which had actually been written out by Matilda herself. The colors of the restaurant are bright and very colorful, which is always a plus for a Sunday brunch. Your selection includes coffee and beverage of your choice – draught beer, house wine, mimosa, matilda (a mimosa made with passion fruit juice instead of OJ) or a michelada. How could I not go with the Matilda? And it did not disappoint – falling somewhere between no pulp and pulp if we were talking OJ. It was not as sweet as it could have been. The coffee was also strong, very typical Latin presentation. I had two cups and I’ll say it was a nice powerful jolt to the day.

Enchiladas Dolce, Matilda

Enchiladas Dolce, Matilda

They have a nice variety of offerings – from tortillas and quesadillas to a Latin spin on eggs to tortas, or sandwiches. My friend and I went with their enchilada dolce – which was comprised of brick oven roasted tortillas filled with fruit and mascarpone cheese. It was topped with organic maple syrup and fresh berries. It came out resembling more of a crepe than tortillas, and was definitely thinner than your typical tortilla. It was subtly sweet – the ricotta toning down the sweet influence of the maple syrup and the berries. My initial reaction was that it wasn’t enough – that unlike most brunches, I was going to be hungry in no time. However, as the hours went by and evening rolled around, I found that was not actually the case. I’m not sure what that says about the typical brunch portion … but I’ll say I was a big fan of this dish.

Another member of our party tried one of the tortas – she went with the Al Chorizo. It included roasted chorizo (always a good start!), homemade green tomato jam, romaine and sliced jicama. It looked like a heavier option than the Enchilada Dolce, but a nice savory alternative. I’m planning to return and my selection will be that next time. Service was not rushed – very much almost like you were a guest in someone’s home, although they were very kind and responsive. If you’ve got somewhere to be, I’d recommend letting them know. Otherwise, kick back and just enjoy. It’s a nice colorful oasis in the midst of the East Village – away from the hustle and bustle of Avenue A westward.

Matilda – 647 E 11th St, Between Avenue B & C – 212.777.3355
Cash Only / Reservations Optional


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