let the tears roll

I’ve had this one sitting in my “drafts” folder as I keep forgetting to post it. I recently finally watched “The Secret Life of Bees”. I’ve been wanting to see it for forever, seeing as I loved the book so much. It made me think though – when is it that we begin to see crying as a bad thing? I’ll admit, I was full-on crying by the end. I think it’s such a moving story.

But I just don’t remember. Can’t remember the day we moved from it being kosher to cry over splinters from the playground to feeling the need to cry as quietly as possible in the bathroom stall. When did caring become so uncool?

I thought it was true to the book. The community amongst the women and the way it eventually expands to include Lily (Dakota Fanning’s character) was came across nicely on film. And I was impressed by Dakota Fanning. I thought she might end up in that bucket of child actors never able to go beyond that “cute kid” part. For me, this proved she’s here to stay.

After seeing the movie though, I’ve decided it’s time not to contain the tears. Friends and family, beware. Perhaps next up is “My Sister’s Keeper” – one almost guaranteed to elicit tears. Even the preview makes me tear up, but that’s in part since the book had me in tears several times.

Crying can be a good thing. Not necessarily something to fear. To me it’s important to allow your soul to breathe.


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