the big three oh!

So it’s officially almost a month a way. Almost meaning tomorrow. Very odd. I think the kicker will be if/when I have to go up a bucket on surveys and the like… I think I’m in the clear there until 35, right? Anyhow, my friend Jax and I are having a co-birthday party since we’re both turning 30. We tried to take a picture for the invite…

But apparently we didn’t correctly compensate for what the camera does to the image. Yeah. We overcompensated. It takes thirty years of smarts for each of us, or sixty between the two of us, for that many smarts. Since we’re truly celebrating sixty years, maybe we should wear silver wigs to the party. Thoughts?

OH! And I was wearing my madras dress since we were at the Southern Tweet-up at Southern Hospitality. Our table was so lucky as to be located directly underneath this signed photo of Bret Michaels (as we ate our oh so tasty fried pickles – mmmmmm). Oh yes. Why hellooooooo Mister Michaels. And yes I’m kidding. No fear of seeing me on the Rock of Love bus next go ’round after he’ll most definitely decide this season’s selection, Taya, was not his true love but rather only his true love of the season. Guess it’s only when he decides true love is more important than another round’s worth of paychecks that he’ll get true love, right?


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