Born to Snack, Indeed!

When Karyn contacted me about an event she was coordinating to get together a group of her friends to try on some of Gap’s newly redesigned denim line. It’s been some time since they’ve done this (25 years I believe?) and so I was really curious to see the end result. I’ll admit, I remember shopping at the Gap more back in high school. I used to get some of their more dressy items to wear when I wanted to look “classy”. But over the years, to me their line’s changed a lot and it’s often off my radar. And when it comes to jeans? I’ve become more of a splurge-for-a-few-and-wear-’em-to-death kind of girl, opting for several pairs of 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity.

The event ended up falling the same night I had tickets to see Tori Amos at Radio City, but I figured out that I could swing by for the beginning of the event and still have plenty of time to make it over before the show. We met up at Karyn’s friend’s apartment over in the West Village. Upon entering, we were greeted by a fabulous spread of shrimp with cocktail sauce, cheese and crackers, wine, and whoopie pies from OneGirlCookies. Perfect munchies for some denim sampling.

Karyn’s dog, Beverly, and her friend’s dog, Klaus, wearing Gap tags in their hair, secured with rubber bands. Gap couldn’t have picked two cuter mascots! They were running around peeking to catch a glimpse of the fashion show as everyone tried on the jeans. I think they felt a little left out because the jeans weren’t in their size, though Beverly did seem to think I made it up to her at least a bit when I dropped a tasty crumb of my pumpkin whoopie pie. I think she licked her lips a good 5 minutes after!





There were three different styles of jeans to try – sexy boot, real straight, and always skinny. I went straight for the sexy boot as I’m a big fan of the cut. Call me boring, but I tend to go straight for boot cut or flare style every time. I usually just prefer it – how it looks at the bottom, the way the cuff tends to be (hem line), and the way it looks against my shoes. However, they’d accidentally sent all longs, so even on my 5’7″ self, I was drowning. I really did like the cut though and the pocket design was well done (another plus for me). I wasn’t super excited about the idea of real straight and I’ve never quite been certain what I thought about skinny jeans. I have one pair at home that I call faux skinny, cause they’re just as skinny as I’ve ever gotten. However Karyn urged me to try them on. Hesitantly I gave them a go.

It was interesting because at first I thought they weren’t going to work on me. I couldn’t figure out how to get them on me – when you’re used to boot cut, something that tight around your ankles makes you think you are not wearing the size you should be. Once I got them fully on though, I was pleasantly surprised! They’re actually really cute. The dark denim, consistent coloring throughout, looked great contrasted against the gold stitching. And they had the same cute back pocket detailing as the boot cut style. I was impressed. And actually? I think I like them more than the boot cut! I didn’t have on heels but I crammed my 7.5 feel into Karyn’s size 6 tall heels and could see just how cute they’d be to wear out. I’m definitely not rump free and the cut was very flattering. I actually opted to wear them to the concert that night! I’m definitely glad I figured out a way to stop by after all. What a nice change to add some variety to my denim “wardrobe” and a pair that’s good for evening and heels, at that. Next time I walk by Gap, I’ll have to make it a point to stop in. Thumbs up on revamping the line!

Karyn & I in front of the Denim Wall

Karyn & I in front of the "Denim Wall"

Look what I saw this morning - even the subways BornToFit!

Look what I saw this morning - even the subway's BornToFit!


2 thoughts on “gapborntofit

  1. I’m actually wearing them to the NJ concert tonight. I figure a few hours of wear last night don’t equal full usage and this time, I’ve got heels. Upgrade 🙂 Thanks again for having us!

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