365 days: shot from the tracks

I am still working at the 365days project. 365 days of trying to find something new definitely leads one to try to experiment more, as well as to take advantage of any new scenery you come across or of any odd props you come across. Sometimes though it just means not being afraid of doing something which looks odd to those passing by, as you take frame after frame of, well, yourself. This one is one of my recent favorites. While wandering through the quaint little town of Red Bank, New Jersey, I really liked the shot of me standing in front of the train tracks. Ideally, you’d be able to see more of the tracks but sometimes the photo comes out better than your ideal. I thought sepia tones captured the moment best, as I stood here in this town which felt more old-fashioned than the bustling Manhattan I’d left behind only two short hours ago. I got lots of honks, probably amused as I made my way through the gravel to take this shot, not the best spot to be tromping through in high-heels.

See more of the latest on my 365 Days Project over on Flickr.


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