dish buzz: markt

Recently I finally was able to sit down face-to-face with some of my fellow SheWhoBlogs-ers. We opted for brunch and being the restaurant obsessed one, I was searching to find us a spot to try out. I settled on Markt, a restaurant over in the Flatiron District which always seems to be bustling with patrons. It was great to meet our fearless leader (check out her post on our day here, including some fabulous photos to accompany) as well as Candid, who was in from Boston for the weekend.

Markt, Flatiron

Markt, Flatiron

Markt has a great outdoor seating area, but it’s mainly 2-tops, so we ended up sitting indoors. It was very hard to choose from the menu, enticed by the plates of croissants and preserves which went by and with my eyes darting from the Chocolade Pannekoek (chocolate chip pancakes served with Belgian chocolate sauce) back up to the Boterham Met Parijse Ham (Paris ham and Dijon mustard on whole wheat bread). We all pondered our options as I enjoyed my very strong coffee, which came served in its own French press.

Boterham Met Gerookte Zalm - Markt

Boterham Met Gerookte Zalm - Markt

I finally settled on the Boterham Met Gerookte Zalm, which was whole wheat bread with Norwegian smoked salmon topped with spring onions and fresh dill. The menu didn’t say it, but our server explained that the bread was topped with a cream cheese spread, which I would have seen as a big selling point for the dish. It came paired with a mescalin greens salad. I was a bit anxious veering from my traditional French toast or pancakes, but was more than rewarded. The bread was of a soft wheat and was a less doughy alternative to the usual bagel it’s served with. The cream cheese spread was also light and fluffy – almost more of the consistency of whipped butter. Perfect.

Noorse Eitjes - Markt

Noorse Eitjes - Markt

My friends were both drawn to the oeuf, or egg, section of the menu and chose to try the Noorse Eitjes, which were poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with Norwegian smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. Both concurred the Hollandaise was excellent and agreed with me that the salmon was very flavorful – almost smokey even. We were very pleased with both the food and the fabulous service we received. If you go, please tell Chesley that the ladies and myself say “hello”! I will definitely be back to this one.

Markt – 676 Sixth Avenue (@ W21st Street) – 212-727-3314
Reservations Suggested


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