tori amos – boston – 8.17.09

Bank of America Pavilion, Boston

Bank of America Pavilion, Boston

After the Meet & Greet, I went with the MeeGees to grab a drink. We were all exhausted and feeling gross from the 5+ hours of quality time in the sun we had just endured. We grabbed a seat at the Legal Test Kitchen, where some of us grabbed some lunch, but I was in heaven with endless refills on Diet Coke. I went to the bathroom and changed and learned that hand sanitizer works just great to do an impromptu wash up. I totally basically took a bath in it and felt oh so refreshed.

From there, I met Jill, my wonderful hostess, for a walk around the Boston Common (and beyond). I’m not sure exactly how far we walked, but we walked a ton. I was exhausted and definitely looking forward to sitting down a bit once we went into the venue. Since our seats were up close, we had passes to the VIP lounge. We missed the opening act (sob sob, One EskimO, it just never quite happened for us, now did it?). It was nice to be able to sit along the harbor to wait until the concert started. It was an outdoor venue, but the top of the ampitheatre seemed to trap in the heat this fine August evening. Translation? It got roasty toasty up in there.

I couldn’t have asked for better seats. We were third row, dead center. The view was fabulous, and we were sitting next to the sister and brother I’d met that afternoon.

Give ~ Big Wheel ~ Cornflake Girl ~ Bells For Her ~ Space Dog ~ Flavor ~ Hotel ~ Tear In Your Hand ~ Welcome To England ~ Jamaica Inn ~ Lizard Lounge ~ Silent All These Years ~ “You Know I’ve Gotta Go” improv/Cool On Your Island ~ Band Returns ~ Lady In Blue ~ The Power Of Orange Knickers ~ Talula ~ Digital Ghost ~ Precious Things ~ Strong Black Vine ~ Encore (as Santa) ~ Raspberry Swirl ~ She’s Your Cocaine ~ Body And Soul

I was surprised to see Big Wheel shifted up so early in the set list, so I couldn’t help but hope that would mean she was saving space at the end for a nice surprise of sorts. Tear In Your Hand is always nice – the wave as she says “maybe it’s time to say goodbye” is always a nice touch as a closer of sorts. I’d been waiting all tour to hear Welcome to England, so that was nice to see. Unlike some of the others though I’d say it was pretty true to the album version even when done live.

For Lizard Lounge, I definitely wasn’t expecting Silent All These Years. I’ve seen it performed a few times, and on some tours the direction she chooses to take it comes off as more effective, as was the case here. It was a particularly moving at this point in the song:

years go by will I still be waiting
for somebody else to understand
years go by if I’m stripped of my beauty
and the orange clouds raining in my head
years go by will I choke on my tears
till finally there is nothing left
one more casualty
you know we’re too EASY easy easy

Sometimes when she draws it out and slows down, it just comes off as too much. It was really effective here. It was so haunting as she reached “years go by will I choke on my tears till finally there is nothing left” and I found myself choking back tears. Definitely one of the best live versions I’ve personally seen. Her “You Know I’ve Gotta Go” improv was very cute. I wish I could find the words to the improv (none online currently – hopefully a boot of this one will surface). She mentioned though she was about to start recording the holilday album, heading to England with husband and Tash, etc. I didn’t know what I expected, but am never disappointed by Cool on Your Island (love LOVE).

Talula was also on my list, and it was good. The beginning was more mellow as she’s been playing it lately, but at the end she kicked it up with the band for a nice powerful finish. The combination was a nice spin on it. I was really confused at the end when there was such a delay in her coming out. The loop for Raspberry Swirl seemed to be hanging out on repeat, going beyond it’s norm as Matt and Jon vamped endlessly. Finally Tori came bopping out, surprisingly dressed as Santa. She had a martini glass in her hand, filled with water. She sprayed us down in the front as she made her way to the piano (which was much appreciated as did I mention it was HOT under that tent?!?). She launched full-throttle into Raspberry Swirl. Man, I’m going to miss seeing that live every few days.

I’d heard she sound-checked She’s Your Cocaine and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be part of the set list. Unfortunately there it was. Ick. But only somewhat so. As is the case with most songs, it was much better live and it was a nice energized addition to the encores. And then she wrapped it up with Body and Soul, which was I think the most intense version of the song I saw live on the tour. It was sad to all come to an end – knowing the next day (way too early at that, sigh) that it was back to reality. Would I have liked to have seen more rare stuff come out in the set list? Sure. I was surprised there wasn’t more variation. But the energy was great. She was very much on for the evening and that’s never a bad way to wrap up a journey through six shows, five states, and four modes of transportation. No complaints from this direction, even with me looking a little like this at the end…


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